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Polish Cargo Bike – How our cargo bikes are truly made in Poland?

Made in Poland.

Nowadays, when care for the natural environment and local markets are increasingly important, it is worth taking a look at Polish products that stand out for their high quality and attention to detail. We think that Hazay cargo bike is a perfect example of such a unique product. Fully designed and made in Poland. In this article, we present why it is worth appreciating the quality of Hazay bikes made in Poland.

A bike made, not just assembled, in Poland

We often hear that a product is “Polish”, but in fact it turns out that the only thing “made in Poland” is its final assembly. Hazay Bikes is different. When starting design work on our cargo bike, it was clear to us that the key components determining the final quality and durability of the product must be produced in Poland. These include primarily the bicycle frame, all steering system components and cargo space finishing elements such as side walls, a children’s seat, dog carrier and a rain canopy.

Hazay: Polish Cargo Bike
The bike frame, all steering system components and cargo space finishing elements such as sidewalls and the children’s seat are manufactured in Poland.

Why is it worth manufacturing in Poland?

The heart of the bike is, of course, its frame. It should be noted that the frame of a cargo bike is much more complicated than that of a classic bicycle. To ensure the highest quality product, we decided to build our frame from aircraft-grade aluminum. All this makes the process of its production very complicated. Contact between production workers, technologists, quality controllers and designers is extremely important during the prototyping and construction process. This allows us to solve emerging problems and improve the process on an ongoing basis. Such cooperation allows to ensure appropriate repeatability and stability of the process, it is necessary to constantly monitor it. Production of a bicycle frame in Poland makes the flow of information between all people involved in production much better.

How is a cargo bike frame manufactured?

First, aluminum prefabricated elements are delivered to the factory, i.e. pipes, plates or sheets. All of them must comply with international material standards EN-AW 7020 and EN-AW 2017A. The material is processed using CNC machines such as lathes, milling machines, water or laser cutting machines. Then, to ensure appropriate dimensional repeatability, the frames are welded in dedicated welding equipment, the so-called jig. The frames of our cargo bikes are welded using the TIG method, i.e. using a non-consumable tungsten electrode shrouded by a protective atmosphere of inert gas, such as argon or helium. Hazay Family requires special processing and its welded joints must be finished by hand. Then the frames are painted in several layers and logos and inscriptions are applied. The entire frame production process is consistent with the work standard and technology used in the European Union.

Riding safety

However, a cargo bike is not only about the frame. At Hazay, we believe that one of the most important factors contributing to safety is confident steering. That is why we produce all steering system components in Poland. CNC machines – lathes and milling machines – produce axles and steering knuckles in which bearings are mounted. These elements are then anodized to ensure maximum durability. We also make steering racks, forks and kickstand frames locally. All these elements, just like the frame, also have their own dedicated welding equipment.

A cargo bike is a comfortable bike!

A cargo bike is a great solution for transporting children and pets. We have made every effort to ensure their riding experience is as pleasant as possible. Children riding our cargo bike will definitely appreciate the comfortable seat. It was built based on a steel frame and PU panels finished with foamed rubber. This selection of materials makes these components resistant to all weather conditions. The seat is assembled by screwing 4 ergonomic nuts to the Airline rails that are built into the cargo area floor. Assembly and disassembly takes just a few moments! On colder days or rainy weather, children will appreciate the rain canopy. Its construction is based on fiberglass flat bars and elements made using SLS printing technology. The canopy is made of Cordura, that has a hydrophobic layer and is highly resistant to mechanical damage. Transparent panels are made of PVC foil. In accordance with the principles of sustainable design, almost every element of the accessories described above is replaceable or repairable, which translates into an extension of the product life cycle. The production of our accessories takes place in Hazaya’s hometown, which is of course in Poznań!

20230727 DSCF5371
Hazay rain canopies are produced in Hazay’s hometown, which is of course in Poznań!

Local suppliers

What about the other components? If we are unable to manufacture something in Poland, we try to do it in the European Union. In this way, Hazay has rims produced in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, there are no Polish companies producing electric bicycle motors. However, a very interesting case is the Bafang company, which is the supplier of the drive system for our cargo bike. One of their factories and a service and logistics center for Europe is located near Wrocław! As we value quality, and therefore good contact and locality, we decided to choose their products.

However, there would be no Hazay if it weren’t for our great mechanics who assemble our cargo bikes in Poznań. This is how Hazay electric cargo bike is made in Poland.

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