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Rowery Cargo Poznań Sklep Hazay Bikes

Hazay Bikes Poznań - Shop, Service and Rental

Hazay Bikes Poznań

Come to our store in Poznań. Buy, test or rent a cargo bike tailored to your needs. We are open:

  • Monday – Friday: 14:00-18:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-14:00

Contact us to schedule a test ride.

Rowery Cargo Poznań Sklep Hazay Bikes

Cargo bike store

Our electric cargo bikes are 100% designed and manufactured in Poland. The design of Hazay bicycles was awarded in the Dobry Wzór 2023 competition.

Accessories for cargo bikes

Baby seat, rain tent, or business cargo box – all our accessories are designed and manufactured in Poland.

Hazay Bikes
Badania wskazują, że rynek rowerów cargo będzie rósł ok. 50% rok do roku

Cargo bike rental

Sunny weekend? Rent a Hazay and explore Poznan on a cargo bike.

Cargo bike repair

With our service, your cargo bike will be ready for another season of riding in the urban jungle.

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Hazay cargo bikes

Hazay means hare (hazaj) in the Poznań dialect. From the outset, our vision for our bicycles was rooted in our core values: a passion for swift, agile movement through the city’s streets and a deep appreciation for the urban landscape, which we believe is incomplete without the presence of bikes. Man was not created to stand in traffic jams, but to move freely without limitations and enjoy such simple things as getting to college or running a few errands in the city. We believe that Hazay is able to transform the previously sad chore of getting from point A to point B, into an adventure that will make you feel better for the rest of the day. Choosing our bikes contributes to a healthier planet by reducing the emission of harmful exhaust fumes. It’s a choice that our environment will undoubtedly be grateful for!

100% Made in Poland

Come and learn more about our cargo bikes. We’d love to tell you about our adventure in designing and manufacturing Hazay cargo bikes – an all-Polish brand behind the green revolution in urban transportation.

Test ride

Stop by to test ride one of our Hazay cargo bikes and see how they can transform your daily commute. We offer a wide range of accessories that make it easy to customize your bicycle, whether it’s for shopping, transporting children or making deliveries.

Design awards

The Hazay bike was the WINNER of the 30th edition of the Dobry Wzór design competition.

Dobry Wzór is the oldest design competition in Poland promoting the best-designed products and services available on the Polish market.

Godlo Dobry Wzor 2023

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