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Our cargo bike accessories are 100% designed and manufactured in Poland using the highest quality materials ensuring reliability and award-winning design. We create an ecosystem that allows eco-friendly and comfortable transport.

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for cargo space

The cargo space consists of the floor and sidewalls, which are optional for Hazay Buddy. All parts of the box have a number of cutouts, increasing the options to secure the transported loads, and they are made of high-quality UV-resistant and scratch-resistant material. All panels can be easily replaced in case of damage.

770 PLN
rower cargo hazay siedzisko dla dzieci


for children

The seat was designed for two children between 2 and 7 years old. The 3-point belts used are adjustable. The seat is directly attached to the airline rails in the floor. The seat and backrest are made of PE and finished with waterproof foam, which ensures comfort during travel.

990 PLN
rower cargo hazay daszek

Rain tent

for any weather

It will work well in the rain so that your kids don’t get wet, and during summer trips it will provide them with protection from the sun. The rain tent has 2 side panels that can be rolled up for a quick access. It is made from high quality Cordura. Made in Poland.

1100 PLN
rower cargo hazay transporter dla psa


for dogs

The carrier is designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. All interior fillings are easy to remove, making it easier to clean the floor and cover. A special leash-harness, available in many sizes, ensures safety while cycling.

630 PLN
rower cargo hazay box


for your business

A cargo box with a capacity of 250 L and a load capacity of up to 100 kg is perfect for transporting larger items. The box is made of light aluminium. The top opening, equipped with actuators, allows for easy loading, while the key-locked latch closure ensures the safety of stored items.

3000 PLN

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