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Rent a Cargo Bike - Szczecin

Rent a cargo bike at the rowerycargo.eu store in Szczecin.

Discover Szczecin on two wheels with rowercargo.eu! Rent a cargo bike ideal for children or transporting a dog. Book online or call.

Price: PLN 123 / day (vat incl.)

Address: Mariana Rapackiego 3/4c, 71-467 Szczecin, Polska

Phone: +48 607 921 348

Available rental cargo bikes

Hazay family daszek 1

Hazay Family for transporting children

Family configuration with childseat and a rain tent.

Hazay family psi tron 1

Hazay Family for dog transport

Configuration for transporting a dog with a specially adapted carrier.

Save by renting with the option to purchase

At Hazay Bikes, we understand that choosing the perfect cargo bike can be difficult, therfore we offer a unique rental option with the cost applied to a future purchase. You can rent one of our cargo bike models for a weekend or a whole week. If you decide to buy within 2 months of the rental date, the entire rental fee will be deducted from the purchase price of the bike – our way of making your decision easier.

Cargo bike rental in Szczecin

We invite you to the bicyclecargo.eu store in Szczecin. Rent a cargo bike tailored to your needs.

Terms and Conditions

Deposit: 800 PLN

Terms and conditions of bicyclecargo.eu rental

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