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Cargo bike for your dog – 5 tips for a successful trip

A ride to the lake, a visit to friends, or maybe a spontaneous weekend trip. Many of us would love to travel together with our four-legged friends. However, to travel with a dog, we often have to reach for the car keys. This could often be avoided! What if you hopped with your dog on a cargo bike?

We increasingly see dogs travelling in bicycle trailers on the roads. This is a great solution, but unfortunately it is not without its drawbacks. First of all, a dog riding in a trailer has poor contact with its owner, which may cause it to become anxious. His movements in the trailer can be extremely dangerous and, especially in the case of larger dogs, may lead to falls… It should also be noted that while smaller dogs may feel comfortable in the trailer, larger dogs will simply feel cramped. An alternative solution that responds to the above disadvantages is a cargo bicycle. But how do you teach a dog to ride a bike (!?) and how to transport it safely? Learn more about it in our short guide.

Get your dog used to the cargo bike

For a dog, riding a cargo bike can be stressful at first. They may try to jump out. Just starting to move the bike can be a problem. The dog can show signs of stress even before we get on the bike. It can try to jump out of the seat. Therefore, it is worth settling him down with his new vehicle and carrier first. For your first rides, we recommend that someone get into the bike cargo space with your dog. A few such rides with you should build confidence in your new means of transport.

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Cargo bike and motion sickness

One would like to say – a dog is also a person! Unfortunately, this condition also affects dogs, but they usually get used to the bike very quickly. We found out about this when Jacek and Diego went on a trip. It would seem that for a dog that rides a motorcycle, a bike is a piece of cake. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, this is a completely different move that Diego, or rather his stomach, did not like. Therefore, at the beginning, let’s try to drive very smoothly and without sharp turns. Remember that even if the dog has ridden in a car, such an experience will be new for him.

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A simple leash is not enough

A very important element for the safety of transporting your dog is its proper fastening. A regular leash may not be enough! Theoretically, you could strap your dog so short as to prevent him from jumping off the cargo bike. Our goal, however, is to make the ride a pleasure for both us and the dog. A one-point restraint for your dog may allow him to jump off the bike. Depending on how and from which side we attach it, the dog will always have too much slack in some direction. Therefore, a two-point attachment is definitely more effective as it allows the range of movements to be evenly distributed. This way the dog will not jump out either to the right or to the left. Hazay offersa dog carrier accessory for your cargo bike to enable travelling safely with your dog. Remember that the dog, especially if it has a lot of strength, must be attached to a stable mounting point. For Hazay cargo bike, we use the mounting points in the airline rail.

Cargo bike for dogs

Convenience first and foremost

As we have already mentioned, the ride is supposed to be pleasant for all passengers. Make sure your dog is comfortable both on asphalt and on a bumpy road. Hazay is a cargo bike adapted for dogs, so we made sure that they could feel right at home in the carrier. Soft padding will certainly increase comfort, even in the city and on cobblestones. Remember to clean your dog’s carrier regularly to prevent any bacteria from growing there. You can easily dismantle the dog seat and throw it into the washing machine.

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Thank your dog for the ride

Maybe the beginnings won’t be easy. Your dog has to get used to riding in a cargo bike. Thank your dog for the bike ride and reward him with his favorite treat. He will definitely remember such an adventure better!

Cargo bike for transporting a dog

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